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Elements delete

api-version: 2.0

Delete a specific element.

POST /{collectionId}/{storageId}/_api/rest/facets/{facetId}/views/{viewId}/elements/{elementId}/delete


Name In Required Type Description
collectionId path true string The ID of the storage collection.
storageId path true string The ID of the tenant.
facetId path true string The name of the facet.
viewId path true string The name of the view.
elementId path true string The ID of the element.


Success 200

Name Type Description
count integer The number of returned values.
values OperationResult The list of elements.

Error 4xx

Name Type Description
message string The error message
output OperationResultOutput The result output.
type OperationResultType The result type.
data OperationError The list of errors.


Delete a specific element from the detail view of the processes facet



Response (200 OK)

    "message": "Element has been deleted.",
    "output": "Volatile",
    "type": "Success"



Name Type Description
id Guid? The identifier of the element.
versionId Guid? The identifier of the specific version.
state string The current state of the element.
stereotype string The stereotype of the element.
type string The type of the element.
attributes Dictionary<string, Dictionary<int, object>> The attributes of the element.
related Dictionary<string, List<Element>> The list of related elements.
children Element[] The list of child elements.
content Element[] The list of content elements.
rootPath Element[] The list of hierarchical parent elements to the root element.
displayNames Dictionary<int, string> Gets the display names of multiple languages.
expandUri string Gets or sets the expand Uri to get full information about element
facetName string Name of the facet
setReadOnly bool? Gets or sets the read only of the element
versions Element[] Element versions of this container


Name Type Description
data OperationError[] Error data
message string Error message
output OperationResultOutput Result output
type OperationResultType Result type


Name Type
volatile string
permanent string
dialog string
inline string


Name Type
critical string
error string
warning string
success string
unauthorized string


Name Type Description
error string The error message.