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Create ID Provider Configuration

There is a configuration to configure the ID provider, for example, which facets and objects it affects. A configuration is created under the service. Select the service and click on "New" to create the configuration.

Create new ID provider configuration a an element type

If you select this created configuration, you can define in the detail content how this ID should look like and which facets or objects it concerns.


ID provider configuration format setttings

This item describes how the composite unique ID should look like.

In this field you can use various placeholders to create an individual ID. You will find hints and examples below in the detailed content.

Replacement options

To illustrate this, a prefix "Role-ID-" is selected and "{0}" is set behind it.

Settings with format

Thus, for example, this prefix is always used with each newly created ID for a role, followed by an ascending number.

Facet und Type

You can also configure under "Facet" and "Type" for which facet and underlying object this ID should be generated. For example, roles.

Select facet and element types

Valid for Attribute Type

The field "Valid for Attribute Type" defines for which attribute this ID is entered in a role. In this example, the created ID is to be written to the ID attribute of the object.

Select attribute type

It could also be written in the name field or some others. Clicking on the field displays all options.

Allow refresh

Select this option if you want to allow this ID to be updated automatically after changing the connected objects in the ID.

Allow refresh

Get ID on Creation

This option should be selected if you want an ID to be assigned automatically when a new object is created.

Get an new ID on creation