How to create a button to show a location in Bing Maps

  1. Go to the admin area.
  2. Click in the Configure category on Navigation.
  3. Create a new button:

    • Expand Toolbar element (see 1 on graphic)
    • Select Services (Architecture) element (see 2 on graphic)
    • Select type Open dialog button (see 3 on graphic)
    • Enter the name Open in Bing Maps (see 4 on graphic)
    • Click on New to create the button

    Create Bing Button 4. Go to the detail content of the created button element and do the following changes: - Activated: Activate the checkbox to enable the button - Valid for facet: Select the Locations facet - URL: Use the following URL:[ATX_LATITUDE]~[ATX_LONGITUDE]&lvl=20&typ=d&sty=r&src=SHELL&FORM=MBEDV8

Now you can open the locations (Organizations -> Locations), create or select a location with longitude and latitude and open the dialog by clicking on Services -> Open in Bing Maps.

Bing Maps dialog