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System requirements

Make sure all system requirements from are fullfilled.

Software Requirements

  • Microsoft SQL Server

For further information about installing MS SQL Server please see here:

Additionally Symbio requires the following software which will be automatically installed by the installation script (###LINK###).

  • Internet Information Services
  • NET Framework
  • Symbio

The following Symbio services are recommended but optional only:

  • WebJob Scheduler
  • Rendering Service

User rights

  • To install symbio you need a user with the right to install the required software and possibly run powershell as administrator.
  • For the symbio application you need a user, who you can enter into the application pool as the executing user. This user needs rights to the target database server including the permission to create databases.

Database settings

The following database settings are required: - ALLOW_SNAPSHOT_ISOLATION ON - READ_COMMITTED_SNAPSHOT ON