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Configuring Azure AD for use with Symbio Apps

(see Microsoft Docs for further details)

  1. In the Azure Portal, follow the path "All Services > App registrations > New registration"
  2. Choose an appropriate display name, e.g. "Ploetz + Zeller GmbH - Symbio Apps Authentication"
  3. Enter the following redirect URL:
  4. Click "Register"
  5. Note the Application (aka Client) ID
  6. Go to "Certificates & secrets > New client secret"
  7. Select a name, e.g. "Ploetz + Zeller GmbH - Symbio Apps Authentication - Secret"
  8. Select an expiration
  9. Click "Add"
  10. Note the Value of the secret
  11. Note your Azure AD Tenant Domain
  12. Provide the information below to P+Z
  13. You are done

Information you need to provide to P+Z

  • Your Azure AD Tenant Domain
  • The registered app's Client ID
  • The registered app's Client Secret