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Configuring Azure App Registration for use with the Symbio AuthService

Please follow the instructions in Configuring Azure AD for use with Symbio Apps but adjust the Redirect URI as follows:<customer>-aad


Once registered, adjust the Front-channel logout URL as follows:<customer>-aad


Enable the issuing of Access tokens and ID tokens.


The following claims are required and must be sent by the external IdP.

  • email (contains the email address of the user)
  • given_name (contains the given, e.g. first name of the user)
  • family_name (contains the family, e.g. last name of the user)

If the external IdP uses different claim types, make sure to provide a set of claim types (names) that contain the required data. Deviating claim types can then be mapped to the corresponding required claim types in the Symbio AuthService.