Symbio to Atlassian micro service configuration

The service is currently made available as a stand alone service on Azure. It uses an Azure repository for the configuration.


Add the External System

  1. Please ask your Ploetz and Zeller representative for the latest SYEX configuration file
  2. Log on to the _sysadmin/_admin section of Symbio (Requires System Administration access)
  3. Switch to "Editor" mode
  4. Go to the Admin area admin
  5. Go to the "Extended configuration" extended configuration
  6. Select "New" and add a type for an external system named "Atlassian"
  7. Set the following attributes
  8. Name: Atlassian
  9. Description: Symbio to Jira configuration items required for the integration
  10. Upload the SYEX file under the settings group with the Title: "Atlassian" Select Add -> Upload
  11. Make the external configuration active activate
  12. Apply changes activate
  13. Select "External systems" on the top menu bar
  14. Add a new external system with "Type" of "Atlassian" activate
  15. Name the External System "SymbioToJira"
  16. Add the values that is relevant for your Jira instance
  17. activate
  18. You can choose to add additional configuration to the external system in the settings box in JSON format. Here you can "map" the Symbio stereotypes for your requirements to the equivalent issue types in Jira, as well as the attributes you wish to map between the two systems. Example: json {"ObjectTypes":[ { "Active": true, "SymbioStereoType": "Epic", "JiraIssueType": "Epic", "toJira": true, "toSymbio": true }, { "Active": true, "SymbioStereoType": "userStory", "JiraIssueType": "Story", "toJira": true, "toSymbio": true }], "Attributes": [ { "Active": true, "SymbioAttrType": "name", "JiraAttrType": "summary", "toJira": true, "toSymbio": true }, { "Active": true, "SymbioAttrType": "description", "JiraAttrType": "description", "toJira": true, "toSymbio": true }] }
  19. The default conversion settings are the following: Object Types: | Symbio requirement stereotype | Jira issue type | |------------------------------- |----------------- | | Epic | Epic | | User Story | Story | | Feature | Epic | | PBI | Story |

Attributes: | Symbio attribute | Jira attribute | |------------------ |---------------- | | Name | Summary | | Description | Description | | Custom Jira Status | status |

Please note that the system requires an admin user type on the Jira and Symbio systems for the interface to function correctly

Load the external system on the storage

  1. Go Home -> Select the Storage Collection or create a new one
  2. Go to Admin -> Apply new configuration
  3. Select "Storages" on the top menu choose storage
  4. Choose an existing storage or create a new one
  5. Under the external systems group, select the configured external system under the "Atlassian" external systems choose external system

Result after adding the external system

  • Adding the external system to your repository will result in the following
    • All the required attributes will be added to Symbio
    • The webhooks for both systems will be created
    • The selection service for the Jira projects will be loaded

Remove the external system from the repository

WARNING: You can remove the external system from the repository, but it may have an impact on connected domains. Please disconnect all domains before removing the external system from the repository.

Remove the external system from the repository

  1. Log on to the _sysadmin/_admin area of your Symbio instance
  2. Select Storage Collection and select "Storages" to view the list of storages in the Storage Collection
  3. Select the storage where the external system is loaded
  4. Click on the selected external system and set the drop-down to "Choose" choose external system
  5. Note: you can also choose to delete the repository, when doing so it will also remove all the configurations

Removal result

  1. If you remove the external system, the service will check remove the Symbio and Jira Webhooks and other configuration items from the respective systems. It will ONLY do so if there are no other configuration that is using the same instances.
  2. You will no longer be able to connect Symbio to Jira.