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The Unique ID service provides HTTP endpoints to get an unique identifier for a given request id. The request id is in form of a GUID and in case of Symbio the request id is corresponding to the origin key of the entity.

In Background the service use a database to generate unique identifier in a given number range. The number range is a format to generate the unique identifier string. For each number range a database table will be generated in the form of:

ID RequestID
1 12f2fe40-cff2-4425-b0ae-ffe604fc2d26
2 4a70fded-e658-4e7a-87d4-10a677a71840
3 0bd1f281-0343-4089-96d7-a7dbf2d8ea42

The name of the table depends on the given subscriber identifier and the format of the number range.

Table Example

The following diagram shows the procedure of generated unique identifier for a selected proxy in Symbio.

Use case diagram