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Consolidation of extended configurations


With this feature activated, you have the possibility to consolidate multiple given customizations of the same type to one customization containing the settings of the customizations.

An exemplary use case for this feature is the usage of two identical custom dropdown values in two different dropdown attributes. You can now select one of the custom values as a 'master' attribute with the other custom value as a 'slave'. Consolidating these two values will result in the master overtaking the attribute types of the slave while the latter is deleted.

As a result, the master attribute will now be available on all attribute types the slave was available on.

Like already mentioned, please note that you can consolidate multiple slave values into one master value as well.


Dropdown1Master Dropdown1Master



Supported customizations

At the moment, this feature only supports the 'Add dropdown value' customization.

How to

  1. Navigate into your 'Extended configurations'
  2. Find two configurations of the type 'Add dropdown value'
  3. Select the master configuration which should take over the valid attribute types of the slave configuration
  4. Click the 'Consolidate' (consolidation-symbol) button in the toolbar
    1. A new dialog will show up, listing all the your customizations once more
    2. Select the slave configuration you want the master configuration to obtain the valid attribute typesfrom
    3. Click on the 'OK' button
  5. The slave configuration should now be deleted while the master configuration should contain the valid attribute types of the slave configuration.