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Data management within the storage

Within the database, the administrator has specific functions to manage the contents of the database.

Import Data in Symbio

In the architecture view of the process house, there is an additional function for the administrator to import data. The Import needs a customer specific configuration and should be imported into an empty database. This can be checked and tested, afterwards the data can be exported to the working database as symx data.


Consolidate repository objects

Administrators are also able to consolidate released or expired objects. Architects can only do this for objects in processing. Consolidation should not be carried out by several users at the same time for each facet.


!For hierarchical facets, the administrative consolidation should always be started from the architecture!
!Otherwise there is a chance for child elements to be deleted!
If it is started from the architecture, the child elements are moved one level up if possible or are moved to the orphaned view otherwise.


To consolidate objects, e.g. roles, please select the target element and click the administration button of the toolbar.

In the following dialogue please choose all source elements you wish to consolidate with the target and click OK. You will be prompted with a confirmation dialog showing information about your selected elements before the actual consolidation will be performed. By clicking OK, the consolidation is executed, clicking on “Cancel” leads you back to the source selection dialog.