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Using the REST API from JavaScript

Client-side (i.e. browser-based) JavaScript will most likely use the Fetch API to access Symbio and will be subject to HTTP access control aka CORS.

As of today, Symbio allows every origin by responding with the header Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *, but does not allow any additional headers, especially Access-Control-Allow-Headers: symbio-auth-token. For that reason the authentication token cannot be sent via HTTP headers. Instead it should be sent as part of the query string by appending ?symbio-auth-token=<token> if no query has been specified yet, or &symbio-auth-token=<token> if one already exists in your URL.

Getting the Storage Info with JavaScript

const url = '';
const tokenQuery = 'symbio-auth-token=<token>';

const response = await fetch(`${url}?${tokenQuery}`, { method: 'POST' });
const info = await response.json();