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Azure resource Templates

Azure templates have been created to enable the creation of a model for the required resources in azure. These templates can be managed as a separate project in your current Solutions in Visual Studio.

  • Templates are JSON based
  • Creating templates
  • Templates of current environments can be extracted
  • Templates for common resource types can be found within Visual Studio by adding a resource and selecting the type or they can be found on the portal and used as a base to create your own.
  • Not all resources are on the list in VS and it is advisable to search the repository on Github if you do not find what you are looking for.
  • Editing templates
  • Azure portal Build your own template in the editor when adding a resource
  • Visual studio code
  • Visual studio
  • Extensions for Visual Studio + VS Code exist
  • Can use multiple linked JSON files for different resources
  • Templates can contain available functions to ensure an unique name as an example

IaC overview

Microsoft learning page - Resource templates

Azure template repository

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