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Scripted Installation


  • Powershell Version 5.0 or higher. Download WMF 5.0
  • Download the Install-SymbioWeb.ps1 file from the Operations Page.
  • Download the symbio-service-uniqueid.parameters.json file from the Operations Page.
  • Open and edit the symbio-service-uniqueid.parameters.json file.

Replace the settings with your own values:


Name Description
SourcePath The download or local path of the installation package (zip file).
TargetPath The local directory for IIS website
NetFrameworkPath Der Download oder lokale Pfad des .NetFramework-Installationspakets (exe).
IISSettings.Enabled true, if an IIS website should be created, otherwise false.
IISSettings.SiteName The name of the IIS Website.
IISSettings.ManagedRuntimeVersion The managed runtime version. This value should not be changed. Leave the value empty (no managed runtime).
IISSettings.IdentityType The identity type .
IISSettings.ApplicationName The name of the IIS application if applicable.
IISSettings.ApplicationPoolName The name of application pool.
IISSettings.ApplicationPoolUser The name of user to use as service identity.
IISSettings.ApplicationPoolPassword The password of the specified application pool user. If no password is given and the IdentityType is set to 3, the script will prompt for the password during installation.
IISSettings.Bindings List of bindings
IISSettings.Bindings.Protocol The protocol contains http or https
IISSettings.Bindings.IPAddress The IP address to use. Default is * for all IP addresses.
IISSettings.Bindings.Port The port is an integer. The default port for http is 80 and for https 443.
IISSettings.Bindings.HostName The hostname for the binding. Use * for all hostnames.
IISSettings.Bindings.CertificateHash The thumbprint hash of the certificate you want to use. (This is how you get the fingerprint.)
### AppSettings:
Name Description
--- ---
Server Name or address including port of your database server
Initial Catalog The name of your database
Persist Security Info With false security relevant information is not returned (recommended)
User ID The user of the database. The user must have authorizations on the database
Password The password of the database user
MultipleActiveResultSets Setting for multiple return by the server
TrustServerCertificate Trust of the server certificate, ensures an encrypted connection
Connection Timeout Request waiting time in seconds for server
If all settings are corretly set, please start a new powershell console as administrator, change into the directory of the downloaded script, and run the following command:
.\Install-SymbioWeb.ps1 -ParametersFile .\symbio-service-uniqueid.parameters.json

nice to know

- if you use a domain user. You must write [server] \\\\ [user].

- You can omit the specification of the Files parameter by renaming symbio-service-uniqueid.parameters.json to parameter.json. The script detects the JSON itself, if they are in the same folder.

Install the .NET Core Windows Server Hosting Package after Scripted Installation