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Reporting Connector & Console - Configuration


Connector / Console is already set up.


Reporting Connector

The Connector service has several values that need to be configured for it to function properly. These values can be set in its appsettings.config file (IIS) or the app service settings of Azure.

Setting Meaning
security:authToken The freely defineable token string that Symbio needs to provide to be allowed access to this connector service instance.
configStore:type Either SqlServer or AzureTableStorage; the type of database server to connect to.
configStore:table The name of the table to manage connector service settings in, e.g. ReportingConfig.
configStore:connection The connection string to use for connecting to a database to store the settings table in. DBO rights are needed to create the table.
global:ssrsEndpointUrl The SSRS reporting service endpoint URL noted during SSRS setup with /ReportService2010.asmx appended, e.g.
global:ssrsRootFolderPath The SSRS root folder path for this connector instance as noted during SSRS worksapce template setup, e.g. SymbioReporting.
global:ssrsUserName The name of a user which has management access to the SSRS root folder path given above.
global:ssrsPassword The password of the user named above.
global:templateName The name of the template folder in the root path given above as noted during SSRS workspace template setup, e.g. __Template_.

Reporting Console

Currently, no special configuration is necessary.