Technical description of fields used in Intrafind documents for internal use

How are Intrafind documents constructed

Each document consists of a globally unique identifier named 'id' containing a string value, and a property named 'fields' containing a collection of key-value pairs with a string as a key and a string collection as the value. You can add any kind of key-value pairs to the fields collection, but you have to add some mandatory field entries listed below to enable Intrafind to make proper use of the indexed documents and to be able to find information in its context.

Keep in mind: When a new document uses an already defined identifier, this new document will overwrite the existing document without any notice. Updating an existing document means, you have to send all the data belonging to the document, not only the changed parts of it. There are no Change-/Update-commands defined.

Document structure

    "id": "<unique id>",
    "fields": [
        { "_str.title": { "Test document" } },
        { "_str.body": { "Lorem ipsum", "123", "and so on..." } },

Mandatory fields by Intrafind

Field Description
_str.title name of document
_str.body all content will be indexed, so if you want to have the symbio attributes 'name' and 'description' to be indexed, you have to add their content strings to this field
_str.connector always the constant value 'symbio'
_raw.tenant configurable value to distinguish sources of indexed documents in Intrafind
_str.application 'HTML' for all Symbio objects
_str.mimetype 'html' and 'xhtml' for all Symbio objects
_str.url Deep-Link to Symbio object (GotoUrl-attribute)

Mandatory fields defined by Symbio

Field Description
_int.lcid Language of the document; like '1031' for german, or '1033' for english. This is a string value
_raw.tenantId Symbio-internal database instance
_str.scope either 'Viewer' or 'Editor'
_raw.versionId Symbio-internal version-specific identifier
_raw.containerId Symbio-internal identifier for the container element for the specified version
_raw.contentId Symbio-internal identifier to the content element (e.g., this Intrafind document references a 'task')
### Technical fields defined by Symbio
Field Description
_str.symbio.type the element's type ('subProcess' e.g.)
_str.symbio.version the version as text string
_str.symbio.stereoType the stereotype of the element
_str.referencedDocuments if the element contains external linked documents, this field would contain these links as a string collection

Further fields defined by 'Attribute Filter' in 'Custom External System Type'

All further fields defined in the 'Attribute Filter' are prefixed by '_str.symbio.'.


  • ‘’
  • ‘_str.symbio.description’
  • ‘_str.symbio.links’

and so on.

Documents which are created by Intrafind's 'ConvertLocation' API call contain an additional field named ‘_raw.originLink’ containing the 'GotoUrl' attribute's value as a back reference.